360 Degree Business Diagnostic Review

Con delivers the skills and tools required to create a pathway to self-sustainability which delivers long-term results.  We look at your existing Management Reports and streamline the information you are currently receiving.   We then need to ensure you have access to the following:

  • People skills – including strong culture & leadership enhancement through-out the company
  • Information Systems Review – to ensure your business will be around for the next 20 years
  • 5 Year Strategy – with an agreed unanimous decision from the entire Board
  • Financial Reporting – we teach you how to read the financials which should align with your 5 year strategy
  • Sustainability and long-term value and pathway to ensure you don’t need us anymmore

5 Steps – Tailored Action Plan – designed for your unique business requirements

  1. Agree on targets that need to be fixed
  2. Diagnose and Prescribe what is required to get to the next stage 
  3. We go deeper than the typical Board Reports, because our model looks at skills, financials and strategy
  4. We move all Directors and Stakeholders in the same direction, forward…  with a detailed plan on how to get you there
  5. We look at sustainability & long-term increased value, we then agree on a pathway to ensure you reach your targets 

Do you need Multiple Skills Identification Tests for your Board of Directors?

Register here if you need multiple tests for an entire Board, where the Chair manages the process. 

Book a 30 minute Zoom call with Customer Support to find out more.

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