We have a unique Skills Identification test to ensure you have the right people with the right skills to create a high-performance Board of Directors and C-Suite Executives.  If there are any skills lacking, we build on those deficiencies to the point where you don’t need us anymore.  Our ultimate aim is to have your people know what to do.

360 Degree Business Diagnostic Review

Con delivers the skills and tools required to create a pathway to self-sustainability which delivers long-term results.  We look at your existing Management Reports and streamline the information you are receiving.     

  • People Skills
  • Information Systems Review
  • 5 Year Strategy
  • Financial Reporting – which aligns with 5 year strategy
  • Sustainability + long-term value and pathway  


DIRECTOR TRAINING - exclusive pathway to success

Con shares his practical implementation process based on the utilisation of his background, skills, knowledge and experience.  As a result of the past 45 years on the battlefield of life…   Con helps to create High Performing Boards by setting them on a unique pathway of success.

Corporate Governance

Financial Literacy

Company & Board Performance

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We specialise in Corporate Governance, Financial Literacy, Company & Board Performance and Board Evaluation training.

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