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Established in 1981 to provide management consulting services on corporate performance improvement, Exemplar has grown to be recognised as a leading provider of corporate governance processes and associated performance evaluation solutions.

In 1999, Exemplar commenced the development of their revolutionary Skill Index concept to be able to evaluate the underlying skills of accounting staff.

In 2002, it became evident that there was potential to develop a skills test for directors. After the collapse of Enron, WorldCom, HIH, OneTel, Pan Pharmaceuticals, Satyam and many others, good corporate governance was placed on the agenda of all board of directors around the world.

The Exemplar suite of on-line web-based skills tests was launched in 2004, which was used as part of the evaluation of the core competencies/practical capabilities of accounting staff. In 2005, Exemplar released reputedly the "world's first" Directors on-line web-based skills test, which is used as part of performance evaluation tools on directors and boards.

In 2007, Exemplar released its "Guidelines on Board Self-Assessment" and "Board Evaluation Process", which are used with the Exemplar Director Skills Assessment to identify areas that can be improved by training and education. These products were released in both Australia and China.

Under great demand, in 2009 Exemplar began one-day workshops on Corporate Governance for companies, including family businesses.

In 2010, Exemplar released its suite of products in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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