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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to deliver simple governance and financial products backed by the most sophisticated resources.

Exemplar founder Con Livissianis has made a life commitment to fully understanding the impacts of good corporate governance... the practice of good corporate governance is not only paramount to the environment and sustainability in business, but also crucial for corporate success.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the company and its controlled entities. Failure is imminent if the Board lacks essential knowledge and skills such as financial literacy, risk management, internal controls, and knowledge of current corporate trends in the market.

Good corporate governance is a fundamental part of the culture and practices of businesses around the world. Without governance in place, investor confidence may be lost and the company's reputation and long-term success is put at risk of decline, or even collapse.

Today, the cornerstone to any successful business is the effectiveness of its board, how well they perform, and its knowledge of corporate trends as they happen in the world market.

It is this philosophy that gives Exemplar the passion of "Working with Business to Create a Just and Sustainable World".

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