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Training / Workshops

We provide Corporate Governance, Financial Literacy, Company & Board Performance and Board Evaluation training.

International Corporate Governance Training

Corporate Governance training can be provided in 1 Day, 2 Day or 3 Day programs. Key topics are:

  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management & Internal Controls
  • Financial Statements & Management Reports & Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Corporate Collapses

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young family members aspiring to run the family business
  • Senior executives aspiring to become directors
  • Directors and Business owners
  • State and federal government owned entities
  • Public and Private companies
  • Not for Profit (NFP) organisations
  • Family owned entities

Training in India - 1 Day Program

In a traditionally authoritarian culture like India, it is not uncommon for the Chairman or CEO of a company to have unquestioned decision making powers.

While this is exercised responsibly by most Chairmen or CEOs, it is nevertheless important for Indian companies to now have formal board evaluations and evidence of an active and competent board when they look beyond borders for capital infusions from foreign securities markets or from private equity investors.

Following a 1 Day Program for the Hyatt Regency Pune India, the General Manager, Gadi Hassin, had this to say:

"Our Executive Committee and Department Head Managers have benefited from this training. I would like to compliment you on the program content and also the pleasant and professional way in which you have conducted this program."

For more information, please contact us.


Our 1/2 day workshops cover the subjects mentioned above in "Training" and are provided on request.

Benefits of Good Governance

Governance addresses the relationship between shareholders/owners, employees, management and the board of directors.

Rules and regulations strengthened by good internal controls and defined risk management will deliver transparent information for timely decision making by management and the board.

With the assistance of the various committees (risk, audit, nomination and remuneration) and strong governance, the board of directors can make confident decisions that rapidly progresses the organisation towards their goals and objectives.

Whilst all organisations are in existence for longevity, they must make decisions that address sustainability, the impact on the environment and their society at large.

The benefits of good governance are plentiful, but in the main are:

  • To help improve management of the organisation by closer supervision and transparency
  • To enhance the reputation of the oraganisation through strong business ethics and awareness of the environment and sustainability
  • To address the skill levels of the directors, committee members, key executives and staff
  • To enhance investor and financier confidence and thus the market valuation of the business
  • To lower the cost of capital and makes access to capital markets easier.

Benefits of Good Governance to a Family Business

A well structured and organised business utilising good governance principles takes a major step towards the longevity of the business.

However, the life of the organisation is highly dependent on the skills of the owners/family and their successors.

The entrepreneur and young family members aspiring to run the family business, once trained will understand the benefits of good governance (as listed above), especially training that addresses:

  • Duties and responsibilities of a director
  • Board and committee responsibilities
  • Attributes of a high performing board
  • Effective risk management and internal controls
  • Understanding financial statements and management reports
  • Applying planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Skills required for an effective board
  • How to evaluate the performance of the company and the board
  • What caused the GFC and what not to do.

Better governance, better management and better accountability will produce more profit and thus an increase in the value of the family business. It will also provide long term success and peace in the family.

For more information, please contact us.

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